Bari Studio Workout (Class review)

Bari Studio

I found this in a list of the top 10 most fun and calorie burning workouts in NYC and had to try it out. Good news is that it was only an hour, and I figure you can do anything for an hour, right?

I roped my poor cousin Mel in for this one and she was just as terrified as me. When the day finally came round, we figured worst case if the going got too tough we would just get going.

The session is a 3-part class, with 20 minutes of dance/cardio; think step-touch, ball-change, grapevine and lots of star jumps. 20 minutes of working out on a trampoline; this is fun as long as you don’t think about the fact your on a trampoline, and once you do you loose your ability to bounce. 20 minutes of toning with weights, abs, press-ups and a resistance band work.

Each segment is challenging and this like most classes in NYC is not for someone who doesn’t work out already. As with most classes in NYC, there is very little cooling down/stretching at the end, so an hour workout can be considered an hour work out and one assumes you do your own stretching/yoga to counteract the inevitable tightness.

Would I do it again? Would Mel do it again? Yes and yes. It is clearly a great work out, you sweat, you laugh, you wonder why you do this to yourself and then like childbirth you have amnesia and want to do it all over again.


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