Herb Salt

Herb salt
Herb salt

I love adding fresh herbs to dishes; it gives them a beautiful smell and vibrancy, and always brightens up the dish. It is the smell of herbs for me that often brings back a memory of a meal, evoking a happy feeling and remembrance of that day with friends and family.

I usually end up with some left over herbs and so was excited to find this recipe for herb salt. Of course you can just dry the herbs and use them directly, but adding them to salt extends the shelf life and gives you something to cook or grill with. You can use them as a dry rub for chicken, beef or lamb or as a finisher for grilled vegetables.

I found this in Bon Appetite; foodie heaven.


  • Salt
  • Fresh herb(s); e.g. thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano


  • Gather herbs by the stems
  • Tie together about halfway up the stem, making sure the herbs aren’t squished too tightly together (I used a rubber band to gather the herbs and a piece of string to tie the herbs to a window)
  • Once dried (I left my apartment and came back a week later and they were dry, but in the sun they may take just a few days) take them off the string and remove the thick stems and place in a food processor until finally chopped
  • Add two cups of sea salt (or more or less depending on the strength you want) and pulse again to blend
  • Transfer to an airtight container and cover
  • Generally the herb salt lasts for 6 months
  • Store at room temperature and never use store bought Italian herb mixes again!

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