A Tale of Two Radishes

Tuna with two radishes

I have been reading a lot about how to improve the quality of my blog recently and the two main aspects it seems you should consider (apart from the quality and usability of your recipes, I assume-no one really mentions this) is the photography and writing quality.

I thought I would start with photography and after watching ‘Burnt’ this weekend, minimalist cooking seemed the way to go.

I was making a tuna steak for Mr. B’s dinner so I thought I would complement it with something more colorful and add radishes to the mix. I used color pop, which turns everything black and white and then you add the color back. On hindsight this works very well for radishes but not so much for cooked tuna. Ahh, we live and learn!

To the tale…Daikon or Japanese radish is native to Asia. It is generally grown during winter months and features elongated smooth, icy-white roots. The red radish is more peppery and flavorful than its white counterpart.

Both are a very good source of anti-oxidants, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber and at 16 calories per 100g what are you waiting for?!

The recipe is simple:


  • 1 Tuna steak
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • 4 Red radishes
  • 2 inches white radish (Daikon)


  • Season tuna with salt and pepper, heat 1 tbsp. coconut oil and sear
  • Allow tuna to cool
  • Cut red radishes down the diagonal and place on plate
  • Cut white radish into 1/2cm cube and place on plate
  • Once the tuna has cooled down cut into cubes and plate
  • Create plate to look like a piece of modern art
  • Serve to other half and hope they don’t think you have gone crazy 🙂












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