Restaurant reviews


I first heard about Dishoom from my mother, yes you heard right, my fussy
and Indian of origin mother, who only likes one restaurant in the world and
only on a good day, and is notorious for saying that she could make dishes
better at home.

I had no choice but to try Dishoom out and brought with me most discerning
foodie friend.

From the moment we walked in, the ambience was clear from the signs on the wall to the bollywood stars. The service was great, asking about allergies
straight away and bringing a dairy free highlighted menu. With advice from
the happy and knowledgeable waiter (from Hungary), we picked an assortment of dishes, all of which were amazing and two of which we ordered twice (meat samosa’s and calamari). We found it a fun place, with a bustling atmosphere, but without being too loud and had already organised our next trip, prior to being emailed by the restaurant asking if we wanted an
exchange of words for breakfast, a lovely extra touch.

The only thing wrong…..I’ll have to tell my mother she was right!

Addendum: I took Dishoom up on their kind offer of breakfast, in exchange
for my opinion (food for opinion, seems like a good deal, and one I never
thought I would be privy to). My food friend and I both had the bacon roll
(not as simple as it sounds: Ginger pig bacon, sweet chilli chutney wrapped
up in a fresh succulent nan-bread), my friend had the Chai and I had the
Assam. We stayed for an hour as the time flew by. Again, great front of
house, waiter/waitress and the food was amazing, so much so that I emailed
my mum during breakfast to ask if I could bring her for breakfast. How
things come full circle.

As my friend and I left, he mentioned that there were few restaurants in
London that make you feel relaxed and like you are coming home to a friend.
His comment was so apt. I’m bringing my mum for breakfast next week and I
think she’ll agree she cannot make this at home!


Amine e Cuore

Missing Amine e Cuore, would be a culinary ‘coltello cuore’, a ‘knife to the heart’.

When you find a place where the waiter has to ask you if you are okay, because you have tears of joy falling into your Ragu, you’ll understand why this restaurant is called Heart and Soul.

Bountiful bosoms of burrata with toasted coriander seeds and a sweet undertone of pomegranate molasses, creates a synaptic response so deep that you can almost feel the direct link to a burst of serotonin at the other end. Wild Boar Ragu cooked for 72 hours that sits on a bed of handmade orecchiette, with the ‘little ears’ scooping up the sumptuous sauce, oozing from the rich and fragrant ragu. It takes you back to southern Italy, strolling down orecchiette lane, your senses seduced by the sight of fresh pasta and smells from the kitchens whose doors open right into the alley. To end the meal, a flourless chocolate cake as thick as truffle envelops you in a hug good night. All of this is done in a café setting, with a kitchen smaller than in my one bed flat and with no menu is at service. BOYB is the additional bonus, with the owners wanting the experience to be purely about the food.

In essence it is the ease of perfection…the simplicity and complexity of the food all at once that makes this restaurant the best kept secret of 2014.


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